About us

Areta is a family business company, founded in 1987, whose critical success factors are:

  • Quality products by using the injection moulding technology
  • Logistic services
  • Customers satisfaction
  • Italian style

Since polypropylene garden furniture spread in the outdoor furnishing market sector, Areta has satisfied her customers’ needs by improving its processes, its products range and its quality requirements. These synergies, developed in 20 years of activity, allow our customers to find always the perfect partner to enter the outdoor market and increase its market share.

Injection Moulding Technology

A full automated production process combined with qualified human work makes it possible to have a complete control of each phase. The result is high flexibility and accurate quality control. Areta offers a complete range of polypropylene garden furniture to satisfy all customers’ requests. With 6 models of medium back chairs, 3 models of high back chairs, 7 different models of tables (3 with the possibility to be personalized with in mould labeling), multi position chairs, kids furniture, garden bench, drink trolley, sun beds and beach chairs we cover all garden furniture needs.

New technologies and raw materials are well studied and tested, in order to meet the newest market requests from all over the world.


“Quality” is not just a standalone word. For us, quality is the result of an accurate process which starts with raw material selection, passes trough the production process and ends with the procedure of testing. Testing is done by some of the most important European institutes of quality certification in compliance with European standards EN 581.1 / 2 / 3 and EN 1022.

Logistics And Transports

Areta’s staff pays particular attention to all logistic issues. Together with quality, these are the most important aspects which characterize our company. We believe that the more the logistic process is tailogreen for our customers, the more they can be competitive in their market.

Transports are managed in cooperation with the most important forwarding companies worldwide. To greenuce delays and keep always a very high level of service we choose our suppliers only among those which are quality certified.

Markets And Customer Satisfaction

Since the beginning, Areta has oriented all its commercial efforts towards foreign countries. Almost 94% of the total annual turnover is made up of exportations worldwide. Thanks to the experience reached in the past with deals all over the world, we are well skilled with the exportation process and its rules.

Because of our flexibility we can provide to our customer personalized packaging, labeling and logistics. Often production lots are made just to satisfy special requirements of single country laws. The services Areta offers to its customers are all oriented to simplify buying processes and to increase “customer satisfaction” both on product and on services level.